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No - don't panic! It's pretty simple. There are degrees in a circle, and it takes the Earth 72 years to move one degree in its precessional cycle. So if we want to know how many Earth years pass by in one earthy precessional cycle, here would be the equation And yes, I promise, it all amounts to something! There are twelve zodiac signs. And if you're in doubt about that, you're on the wrong blog page.

A Religious Era Ending

Et, voila! Twelve Astrological Ages equal one Great Year. Make sense? Answer: the Age of Pisces.

The Grand Plan or Astrological Ages and the First Point of Aries

Here's a basic chart wheel for the Age of Pisces:. The Piscean Age. The Age of Aquarius. And when was that, you ask? Got all that? If not, just go with it for a moment. In the meantime while those numbers sink in I'm going to remind you how Pisces is a sign in which we confront and feel our feelings -and thus learn to have faith in how we feel. Or our ability to deal with or even honor our feelings - or anything of a feeling nature, like an oath or promise. If not, maybe you're confusing spirituality - the ability to be okay with one's internal sense of 'feelingness' with religion - and they are absolutely, positively not the same thing!

Spirituality is our ability to feel ourselves having faith. But that faith doesn't necessarily have to be in a greater power. It could be just having faith that yes, Annie Or in mom's promise that if you clean up your room every day for the month she'll reinstate those privileges you lost through disobeying house rules.

Spirituality is our rightness with our sense of faith - whether that's in some idea, some person, some promise Religion is a codified set of rules which is supposed to teach us what we should have faith in. Whether we have faith in a religion is thus about whether we agree with what the religion teaches and the boundaries, standards and strictures it sets.

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Some of us go there, some of us don't. But that spirituality and religion have been a big Piscean Age deal? That's real. And that's actually pretty darn astrologically apt, seeing that in all Piscean questions, it is not the question itself i.

That totally works. And that people have killed over religion? That just tells us how far we can go with this Piscean alienation problem. The Piscean positive is acceptance. The litany of Piscean negative starts with rejection, alienation, shaming, retribution and abandonment. Among other things, this gives us a really, really interesting way to look at religions — if nothing else! But the point of why I bring this up is.

That which comes to be during a given astrological Age bears the conceptual dynamics of that Age. So when does this Age of Aquarius start? Another way I tend to think of this is as the colors of the rainbow. A dispersive prism, splitting white light into it's.


In the case of the Age of Pisces, we know where Pisces natural ruler of the 12th is - during the Piscean Age, it's going to be on the Ascendant. But the sign of religions Sagittarius religion being a set of codified teachings - during the Age of Pisces, Sagittarius has been on the 10th house of 'rulership. When a nation, person, community goes for this 'separation', they use both sides of this combo, but separately - as in, you do the right thing Sagittarius or you'll be sorry Pisces as self-regret.

That's just a droplet of an idea on how the Ages work. Any given subject changes from Age to Age in accordance with where the signs which 'naturally' rule that subject fall. And if you want to get even more exotic about this which as an astrologer I tend to do at least when I'm doing research Which among other things says a lot about the fact that Neptune will soon be entering its home sign of Pisces. The Age of Gemin i ca. Adam and Eve came into being at this time, presenting duality and the division between the masculine and feminine energies within.

The transition was starting to move away from the feminine as the revered symbol. Language and symbols were coming into being, making this Age a time of writing. Trade between cultures started to accelerate. The wheel was used for the first time for transportation.

Shakti Energy Milky Way , and how the energy moves through the signs and the chakras was starting to be understood. Also, how the Universe is the same as the body was recognized. All are connected. The Age of Taurus ca. Bull worshiping cults began to form in Assyria, Egypt and Crete. The building of pyramids began signifying the bull through solidity, stability, and attempts at eternity. Figures on Egyptian pyramids and temples had bull's horns at this time. Avatars were now here, and there are more attuned individuals or spiritually realized people.

Taurus is associated with the smelting of copper, tin, and bronze. Swords came into being in the early phases of this era. Papyrus was invented enabling improved writing techniques. One can envision within the Taurus glyph the image of the partially unrolled scroll.

Cosmic Cycles of Time: Understanding the Great Year - Walter Cruttenden (The justBernard Show)

Many of the traits representative of Taurus start to appear such as stubbornness and strength. But on the other hand, sensuality can also be seen as in the Ancient Egyptian civilizations. In fact the sacred bull, the Apis, was the Egyptian symbol of life. The followers of Moses worshiped a golden calf when he descended from the mountains with the ten commandments in this time period.

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The Age of Aries ca. People revered the sun in Egypt. Aries represents a Fire symbol as well as bold actions. The Ram is the patriarchal society of butting heads. This age is known for courage, initiative, war and adventure. The Chinese, Persian, Greek and Roman empires expanded during this age. Aries is associated with the metal iron, which was smelted and made into swords at this time, replacing bronze. Freud felt that Moses was inspired to embrace the idea of one God who favored his people through Akhenaten's lead. Hackear, the goddess who dressed like a man, built Carnack temple in Egypt.

She knew the age of the goddess was coming to an end and masculine dominance was coming in. Luxor temple was built at this time. It's the body of a human with the different chakras. And, it's possible that during the transition from Taurus to Aries, Moses condemned his people for worshiping the golden calf. It was Moses who used his will to part the Red Sea.

Astrological Age - Wikipedia | Zodiac | Astrological Sign

There is some dispute about when the Age of Aquarius begins. Some astrologers place it as far out as AD To read about the changes that occurred during the beginning of our present Great Age, in my article on the cultural changes around the world in BC. At the beginning of each new age, the tendencies from history are reset and replayed.

These tendencies are reintroduced with the values of the new Astrological or Great Age in a continuous cycle. These precession cycles will continue till the goal of the divine is achieved. There are negative as well as positive traits to each Astrological sign and Mayan Great Age. It's up to us to figure out which we choose to live by What we choose will be our experience.


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